Too many people think the home page of their business website is going to CLOSE THE SALE.

It won’t and it never will.

The #1 objective of your home page is to:


That’s right, the #1 goal of your home page should be to keep a person who visits from leaving.

It’s hard enough to get high-quality traffic to a website these days, so make sure they stay.

Sure, it’s going to do some other things, but if it doesn’t do this, you’re in trouble.

Getting high-quality traffic to your website is more difficult than ever before. The days of free traffic are long gone.

And if you think Facebook is going to drive hundreds of people to your website, and generate dozens of new inquiries to your business, you are probably going to end up greatly disappointed.

To keep a person from leaving your website, shortly after arriving (in Google Analytics called a “bounce”), you’ll have to create what I call the “Oh Yes” moment, and then:

(1) create a powerful and engaging marketing message
(2) use appropriate and engaging graphics
(3) immediately use testimonials and reviews
(4) give your visitors options to learn more

In my opinion, and based on what I see, poor home page design and a poor home page marketing message is where most websites fail.

In a sense, you lose before the race has even started.

Writing a solid marketing message that is engaging and gets your visitor to the next page isn’t easy. I just finished writing the home page message for a client and it took me 2 hours, that’s right, 2 hours for just the home page.

Take a good HONEST look at your home page today. Does it really give someone a COMPELLING reason to stay at your website, keep reading, make an inquiry, and then buy something from your company?

If not, that’s the first place to start if you want better results and more leads from your website.

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